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ATI's Prospect Interview QuestionsThe true success for your interview is measured by whether or not you hired the right person. Too many times we hire someone that we felt was great in the interview but who turns out not to be what we thought. Sometimes they are great in the interview because they have done a lot of interviews. If you want the questions that help you find the truly great new staff members, we have them for you in our Prospect Interview Questions.

These questions will help you:

  • Find out what is the motivation they have for the job.
  • Find out how they handle stress.
  • What are their problem-solving skills?

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We are always looking for great people. It just seems that a lot of the prospects sound good at the interview but come up short when it's time to get the job done. Until I started using the Prospect Interview Questions, it was hard to tell what was really going to happen once they started work. I found that by asking the right questions, I found out the things I needed to know to make the best decision about who to hire. It'even made the process easier and more comfortable for me, now that I already know what to ask.

Ed Shelton

Virginia Automotive Service | Richmond VA

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