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ATI's Behavioral Interview Questions

You might be great with customers. You may have built a tremendous crew. Your shop may be running the way you always dreamed it would. Despite all this, the one thing that most shop owners dread is finding that next perfect employee. Getting the right people to respond to your Help Wanted ad is a problem in itself, but how do you pick the RIGHT ONE? Using the Behavioral Interview Questions will help make this part of the process much easier. The questions will help you:

  • Find the candidates that are truly motivated
  • Determine how they handle stressful situations
  • Learn how good their problem-solving skills are

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Starting my second shop was exciting but stressful. We had a great shop and a great crew; but how was I going to find another crew as good as the first one? It had taken years to put together this group and now I had to do it again in a very short time. The Behavioral Interview Questions had helped me with my first shop, and they were a lifesaver as I built my second team. I don’t know how I would have done so well without them. It has changed the way I look at interviewing and made the process a lot easier.

Bryan Jewett, Casey’s Automotive, Chantilly, VA

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