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As seen in Chris Frederick's March 2018 Motor Age article. See all of ATI's Motor Age articles.

ATI's How to Leave Google Reviews on Phones

Ever wonder why some shops have a ton of Google reviews and some only have a couple, if any? Have you thought that if you had more reviews you might see more new customers walk through your door? Are you frustrated that your great customers aren’t giving you great reviews?

We will show you how the best shops get the best reviews and new customers from the Internet every day! Having Google reviews is a big key to attracting new customers, and did we mention that it costs you nothing? Learn how the best shops harvest reviews in 90 seconds or less, right at the counter! No begging, no bribing, and no frustration!

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We had always asked people to write reviews for our shop and they said they would. The only problem is that the reviews never showed up! I’m sure they meant to, but life just got in the way. We were about ready to just give up on trying to get more reviews. Then we learned the smart easy way to ask for and get reviews before the customer even left the shop. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s a no-pressure way to get a good customer to give a great review in just a couple of minutes. The best thing is that new customers came in and mentioned that they had read the reviews online and decided to give us a try!

Dana and Judi Haglin, Haglin Automotive, Boulder, CO

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