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ATI's 7 Triggers to Yes ChecklistWould you like to have more influence with your staff members? Would you like to communicate better with your customers so that they truly understand the things that they need?

If you would like your conversations to have more impact with just about anyone, then you need “The 7 Triggers to Yes Checklist.” Many times it is the small things and routine conversations that you have that can make big differences in your life. Use this checklist to learn how to make that difference with 7 easy steps.

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I have always worked hard to have a great environment for my staff and customers. I felt we had arrived at a very good spot and things were going well. Then I read the “The 7 Triggers to Yes Checklist.” I was already doing many of the things outlined, which explained a lot of our success. The difference came about when I realized the extra things that I could be doing. Once I put the extra things that I learned into play, we went to a whole new level. It just helps us reinforce the idea that a positive environment creates positive results.

Ken and Scott Steinbach

Caton Auto Clinic | Catonsville MD

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