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As seen in Chris Frederick's May 2019 Motor Age article. See all of ATI's articles in Motor Age.

ATI's Nowhere to Hide FormEvery shop needs to review their ROs; it is a great way to make sure that we are letting our customers know everything they need to do to maintain their car. We all need to coach, mentor and train our staff. The Nowhere to Hide Form is a great way to follow up on the daily activities at the front counter. It’s easy, quick, and gets the job done so everyone comes out ahead. It will help you:

  • See trends and patterns on the services you are performing.
  • Make sure your Front staff is reviewing your Customers’ History.
  • Make your Daily RO Audits more effective, instead of being a boring chore.

Complete and submit the form and we'll immediately give you access to the tool!

Using the Nowhere to Hide Form has made the biggest positive change in my business and the biggest increase to my average repair order than anything I have ever done. Overnight it literally added 20% to my ARO. If you are curious about what you might be missing or just want to make sure you are giving the best service to your customers, I would recommend this to any shop.

Charlie Tucker

Tucker Tire & Auto | Phoenix, AZ

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