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ATI's Successful Meeting Facilitation Packet

ATI's Successful Meetings Facilitation Packet

Successful coaching is about inspiring associates to do more than they, at first, believe they can do. Finding out all you can about your associates and aligning with your associates, so they feel you are on their side, will produce powerful results. Discovering and working on associates’ belief systems by being an active listener is the best place to begin.

To get started, have a weekly team meeting with all staff and weekly 1-on-1 meetings with each individual associate. Commit to a schedule every week and do not miss a scheduled meeting. You, the leader, must make this a mandatory process, no excuses, every week. Use ATI's Successful Meeting Facilitation Packet to develop productive meetings in which you really get to know your associates and work together toward business and personal goals. This will help you coach up your associates to achieve higher performance levels. 

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