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The Secret to Gauging Profitability in Your Shop


Tuesday, October 4, 2022
6:30-8:00pm Eastern
Your Desk!

What's eating your shop's profits?

It's no mystery why most shop owners learn they're not as profitable as they think. It's because they don't know where their profit is going, how to track it, and where to find more of it in their shop. It may shock you to know that these answers are right under your nose — in your numbers.

Whether you’re a "numbers person” or not — the fact is, every shop owner needs to track KPIs (key performance indicators) in order to run your business profitably. KPIs are as important to your shop as fuel trim readings are to a car. Without fuel trims, you have no idea how the car is running. Likewise, without KPIs, you have no idea how your business is running — which means you're leaving money on the table.

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Presenter: Chris Brower, ATI Specialist

Chris started in the automotive industry by working in his family's repair shop business and later becoming the 4th generation owner and partner. His experience successfully growing the shop, primed him for his role as Senior Instructor and Specialist, responsible for helping other shop owners grow their businesses. 

"Being profitable using ATI's KPIs has opened up many doors of opportunity, not just in paying my business off, being able to support my family as well as my employee's families comfortably, but has allowed me the opportunity to give away vehicles to several families in need of reliable transportation."

Stephan D. Cairl
Lonsbury Garage | Angola, IN