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Get the WIN Number Drill

Use this popular worksheet to find out what you need to make in total dollars to meet your shop growth needs.

ATI's Win Number Worksheet

ATI's WIN Number Drill Worksheet is a valuable, interactive tool that will help you chart a plan to reach the shop growth goals of your dreams. 

The worksheet helps you see how much your shop needs to make in total dollars to break even. However, it goes much further than that by allowing you to calculate the profit margins you need to make from labor, parts, and gross profit to exceed this dollar amount and be profitable. Knowing this information gives you the best chance to WIN!

Get the information you need to answer these questions:

  • How much money do you need to pay your overhead or fixed costs?
  • How much should you be putting aside to keep up with repairs and equipment upgrades?
  • How much extra should you be putting aside for your retirement?
  • How much do you need for all of these and how can you get there?

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 By using the "WIN Number" Drill, we learned that high sales do NOT mean high net income. We learned what things we needed to tweak in order to reach our goals. Now we still have good sales and happy customers, but we also have more money in the checkbook. This is a must have for any shop owner striving for the next level.

Michael Lindquist
Wilton Auto & Tire Center | Wilton, CT
and Cross Auto & Tire | Wethersfield, CT