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ATI's Hiring Checklist

Way too often, we hire in the "Ready, Shoot, then Aim" mode. ATI's Hiring Checklist will help you bring new organization to the journey of bringing a new person into the shop.

ATI's Hiring ChecklistIf you would like a tool that will help you from the time you think about placing a new hire ad, all the way to bringing the new hire into the shop, ATI's Hiring Checklist is for you. It has all the details that you want to pay special attention to during the hiring process.

It will:

  • Prepare you to hire quickly if you need to replace one of your techs 
  • Help you update and document the skill sets needed in your shop    
  • Help you write better help-wanted ads and conduct better interviews  

Using ATI's Hiring Checklist helps us save time because we have a better understanding of what EXACTLY we’re looking for and where to find them. Also, by following the steps to prepare, before the hire took place, we were able to get the new staff member to a higher level of production much faster.

Dana and Judi Haglin
Haglin Automotive | Boulder, CO