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ATI's Marketing Weapons Worksheet

Our Marketing Weapons Worksheet will help you stabilize your car count by embracing a comprehensive, sustained marketing plan.

ATI's Marketing Weapons WorksheetWith ATI's Marketing Weapons Worksheet, you will discover:

  • Why marketing to "everyone" is really marketing to "no one"
  • There is no such things as a marketing "silver bullet" – and why you wouldn't want it even if there was
  • How to effectively and continuously reach out to your customers and prospects
  • The simple, proven, and powerful ways to turn customers into loyal, raving fans

ATI’s Marketing Weapons have significantly improved how we reach our existing and potential customers. After applying several of the weapons, we've noticed that our relationships with our current customers have strengthened, and our new customers have increased. The positive feedback we get is incredible! Great ideas! Thank you, ATI!

Laurie Olinger
IRC/Import Repair Center | Sacramento, CA