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ATI's Succession Chart

Our Succession Chart will prepare you for vacancies in all the positions in your business, so you have not one, but two moves per position.

ATI's Succession ChartATI's Succession Chart will help you evaluate your current staff and identify areas of weakness. The goal is to have the best players in position and to have not one, but two moves to fill the position if it becomes available. The chart also recognizes employees already in your business who have the potential to fill another position at a future date.

It will help you:

  • Evaluate your current staff lineup
  • Create training programs to cross train employees so they are better prepared for the next move
  • Identify areas of weakness and stay two moves ahead
  • Be prepared in a market with a shortage of qualified candidates

When you have ATI's Succession Chart completely filled out you get a real sense of accomplishment and you know you are prepared.

Martin DeBey
Martin DeBey’s Service Center | Greeley, CO