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ATI's Succession FlowChart

Want peace of mind while you're away? Get ATI’s FREE Succession Flowchart to help you identify the best players to fill your shoes when you’re out of the shop. 

ATI's Succession ChartUsing this chart will assist you with:

  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your staff
  • Identifying critical roles for maintaining operational consistency in your absence
  • Assigning the right employees to the most critical roles 
  • Identifying opportunities to cross-train employees
  • Being prepared for your unexpected absence or future retirement


Using this chart helped me choose the best players in positions to run my shop exactly like I would if I were there. Now I can take vacations for longer periods of time and have the peace-of-mind to actually enjoy them.

Martin DeBey
Martin DeBey’s Service Center | Greeley, CO