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ATI's Productivity Robbers Checklist

Our Productivity Robbers Checklist will increase your ability to work on your business, instead of in it.

ATI's Productivity Robbers ChecklistProductivity Robbers happen in every shop out there. The difference is the amount of attention that you pay to them. They are the source of many of the “fires” that you have to put out every day. Stop spending your time putting out “fires” and spend it fixing the problem.

It will help you: 

  • Identify the things that are stealing time and money from your crew and your shop.
  • Have a tool to review with your staff so everyone can be involved in the solution.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction and retention through better service.

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By using the Productivity Robbers Checklist, I was able to identify the individual things that I needed to work on. Instead of having a vague feeling that I had “problems” that seemed too big to handle, things that I couldn’t control, I found that faced one at a time, the issues really weren’t that hard to fix.

Josh Aeschbach
Aeschbach Automotive | Middleton, WI