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ATI's Hiring Strategy Checklist

Way too often, we hire in the "Ready, Shoot, then Aim" mode. ATI's Hiring Strategy Checklist will help you bring new organization to the journey of finding the best candidates for your shop.

ATI's Hiring Strategy ChecklistGet ATI’s Hiring Strategy Checklist to learn the techniques and strategies shop owners are using today to attract and retain the best candidates for their shop. 

With the checklist, you will discover how to:

  • Determine the best methods of advertising your job openings
  • Advertise effectively and stand out among the competition
  • Attract the best candidates and keep them engaged
  • Build an online reputation to attract candidates to your shop
  • Ensure your pay and benefits are competitive

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ATI's Hiring Strategy Checklist helped me understand there is more to finding good employees than just running an ad. What I really appreciated was what to do once I found a good employee. I promise you one of these ideas is going to help you in your search for great employees.

Tim Roozenboom
Tim’s Auto Repair and Sales | Clackamas, OR